2) 1992

 Aïnygma (100cm x 140cm), oil on linen canvas, © Eric Itschert



1992 First foundations for “constructive blue symbolism”.


“His most original work undoubtedly starts in 1992 with large figurative paintings, full of details and symbolism. It is during that same year that he laid the first foundations for “constructive blue symbolism”. The viewer’s first impression is the very particular blue colour, the importance of the human being’s presence, the frequent representation of the aquatic element and of the labyrinth, the search for an ideal of beauty “in view of the restoration of the image of man”. 


It is a kind of realistic painting that does not exclude a certain idealisation. The works of Eric Itschert are populated with human beings, often naked; they are conscious of both the life and death that awaits us all. His persons, often androgynous characters, are in harmony with a peculiar environment. Above all, Eric Itschert paints beauty as if it were immobilised for a single moment.  His world is the one that we guess exists behind the mirror.”


Aïnygma (100cm x 140cm), oil on linen canvas, detail, © Eric Itschert