5) 1997, Less is no more.


Less is no more !


This confrontation, apparently innocent among drawings, paintings and a “minimalist” set-up, is not in favour of the latter; moreover, it “short circuits” it and destroys the prejudice that has been inflicted upon us for years: “less is more”. That idea has poisoned the art of painting and has been pushed to the absurd by the painter Yves Klein in his “Exposition of the Empty” in 1958 at the Gallery Iris Clert, where he presented an exposition in an empty room with non-existent paintings. After that “remake” of the old story about the emperor and his clothes nothing else was left for Yves Klein but to turn back and to show a little more.


Still in 1997, the Reinold Ketelbuters Gallery reengaged Eric Itschert and kept on following him until the closure of the Gallery in 2002. Reinold Ketelbuters gave preference to the painted works of the artist.  When several of his paintings were exhibited in 2002 in the Gallery, Eric began a series of other paintings of an intimate nature, abandoning little by little the dominant blues. Certain titles started getting longer, playing on the dialectics between text and image.



“autoportrait N1-91”, self-portrait, oil on linen canvas, 100 cm X 70 cm.


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