6) 2006, Memory and time



2006, Memory and time, exhibition at the Fondation Isabelle Masui.


About the exhibition:


« The painter Eric Itschert exhibits for four days a series of paintings in oil, in acrylic and in tempera which will further deepen his reflections on memory and time. It is to some extent an imaginary museum, where detailed, figurative and realistic paintings are being confronted with monochromatic ones, to new art installations and to viewing boxes.  This exhibition take place at the Fondation Isabelle Masui, a place already touched by history. The paintings have been as much conceived to last, the objects are as much fragile, frankly even perishables.  The question regarding time and memory is also posed within the manufacture of the works: the setting up of pine cones takes only some hours, the time to collect them, to dry and arrange them, the creation of a painting can take several months.  To be complete, please also note again that not only the visible participates at the exposition:  also evoked are the smell of pine trees and cypresses, the sounds of the sea . . . »



Installation, light and pine cones on sand, © Eric Itschert